What We Do

Our Mission Statement is "to relieve the effects of poverty for families and individuals with needs recognised by approved referral agencies in Southampton and the surrounding area and to support likeminded organisations".

To help us achieve this aim, we are focusing on the following – People, Product and Place.

People - Staff and volunteers are valued and developed

Product - Our funder requirements are fulfilled

Place - SCRATCH communicates effectively with the local and wider community


We achieve this by recycling PRODUCTS

SCRATCH understands and reacts to the changing environment and needs of our clients / funders by supplying basic needs including:

  • Furniture & Household items
  • Toys and gifts at Christmas  
  • Paint
  • Small electrical items  
  • Volunteering opportunities   
  • Training  
  • Advice and guidance
  • Utility vouchers*
  • Domestic Appliances*

*for certain areas subject to meeting strict criteria


We have a long standing, established PLACE

SCRATCH works effectively in the local and wider community through our relationship with:

  • Local Authorities
  • Professional referral agencies
  • Statutory and voluntary groups   
  • Employers
  • Job Centre  
  • Other charities  

We achieve these aims through our projects: 

  • DORCAS PROJECT – provides good quality furniture and household items

  • REMOVALS PROJECT – provides an emergency removal scheme mainly in conjunction with Winchester City Council

  • CHRISTMAS COMPLETE – provides toys and gifts for children and young people who otherwise might go without presents

  • COMMUNITY RE-PAINT – redistributes donated paint to referred clients and community group

Please note that Dorcas Project, Removals Project, Christmas Complete and Community Re-paint are not direct access projects; individuals and families need to be referred by one of our recognised referral agencies.