About Us

Our story

SCRATCH is a registered charity founded in 1999 to relieve the effects of poverty for families and individuals with needs recognised by approved referral agencies in Southampton and surrounding areas. Located in Southampton, we provide assistance to families and individuals in Southampton and across Hampshire.

Dorcas Project was our first project and started over 26 years ago (long before SCRATCH was even thought about) when one of the founding Directors fell through a friend’s settee.  Being the bright spark that he is he realised that she needed a new one, so enquired at the church he was attending at the time if anyone had a settee that they no longer needed.  From that first delivery he heard of other disadvantaged families requiring furniture, so asked around to see if anyone had items available.

Initially a van would be hired for a day a week to collect furniture and deliver it straight to the person in need.  After a while a garage was made available and a van purchased for £45 (from his father in law).  What started in a very small way has grown over the years to the point that in our last full year of operation (ending March 2019) SCRATCH was able to make 1318 deliveries helping 1647 adults and 1265 children.

The ethos and motivation of SCRATCH is rooted in the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.  It is His love which compels us to serve others, putting their needs first. 

SCRATCH was established to manage and develop the social action projects initiated by the Christian Charity Southampton City Mission.