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We are looking for musicians for our 20th anniversary celebration – can you help?

The Mongol Rally has been described at the greatest motoring adventure on the planet and we are really pleased to say that two local guys (Chris and Ian - Muppets having a midlife crisis!) are taking on the challenge to raise money for SCRATCH.  

The Rally covers 10,000 miles across mountains and deserts in a tiny car with no set route and no backup!  Madness if you ask us at SCRATCH, but we are really impressed with their enthusiasm for their great adventure, although they might just be doing it for 6 weeks off work!

Check out their facebook page – we know they need all the support they can get

Muppets Midlife Crisis launch event is on 23 Feb at the South Western Arms – some folks from SCRATCH will be there as well from 7pm, so come along and say hello and support the Muppets adventure.

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