Our Staff

The SCRATCH staff are:

  • Mike Smith:  Senior Manager (Operations)* - mike@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Kathryn Baker:  Receptionist (part time)

  • Annie Knight: Volunteer Manager - annie@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Ian Dowdell:  Furniture Manager - ian@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Paul Williams: DORCAS Project Driver

  • Annette Davis:  Senior Manager (Resources) * - annette@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Yasmin Prentice:  Welfare Information Officer - welfare@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Iain Jamieson:  Hampshire Project Co-Ordinator - iain.j@scratchcharity.co.uk

  • Polly Burton:  Employment Support Officer - polly@scratchcharity.co.uk


*Senior Management Team

Please contact Annie Knight at the SCRATCH office for details of current volunteering opportunities.