Christmas Complete

Christmas Complete is set up to provide toys and gifts to disadvantaged children and young people who otherwise may not receive presents on Christmas Day.  Everyone we help is referred by our trusted referral agents to ensure there is a genuine need.

In December 2019, thanks to your help, we were able to provide a parcel containing 7 or 8 gifts to 2074 individuals across Hampshire.  Below are a few of the comments we have received: -

  • I’ve just had a parcel delivered – and I want to say thanks very much.  They are beautiful gifts.  My children will love them.” Client was close to tears on phone.
  • “You have given my son so many lovely gifts – Thank you so much.  Merry Christmas and God Bless”. 
  • “Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of this most needy family. More than the gifts, the family will feel that people care and will perhaps restore their trust in people”.  Social Worker
  • “Thank you for your kindness and for the box of gifts sent to us with love.  It made our kids Christmas very special as it was the only gift they received and the gifts were awesome and exactly what they were expecting.  Thank you very much once again”.
  • “A big thank you to all involved with presents for our families and young people in Temporary Accommodation.  I have spoken to a few of them today and they have said how lovely all the gifts are and how generous Scratch is.  Very much appreciated by all”.  Winchester City Council.
  • “We have received a telephone call from L to advise that she has received a large box from SCRATCH with lots of presents for the children.  She asked us to send her thanks. It means that she has things to give to her children, which will make their Christmas”.  Probation

Many thanks for your support.

Last year we struggled with gifts for older boys (10 years plus) so we have put together a list of suggestions which can be viewed here - boys gift suggestions

Further details about how you can get involved for 2020 will be available here later in the year.