Mega Bite voucher

Many people are very reluctant to give money to people begging on the streets, as there is no guarantee as to how the money will be spent.

The aim is to provide a system of providing people begging on the streets and other vulnerable people with hot meals.  Simply purchase vouchers from SCRATCH at £1 each and then hand out to individuals when there is a need (we recommend that a minimum of four is given at any one time). 
The meal square vouchers can then be redeemed at the food outlet, who in turn reclaims the cost from SCRATCH.
Currently vouchers can be redeemed at :

Parklife Café (10am to 4pm) St James Park, Shirley, SO15 5LW

Roundabout Café (10am to 4pm) Westfield Corner, Mansbridge

Board in the city 38-40 Onslow Rd, Bevios Valley

Majesty House Café Andromeda Road SO16 8BB

If your business would be interested in accepting megabite vouchers please get in touch.  
This scheme operates at no cost to SCRATCH and is a brilliant way of supporting those in need.

To purchase vouchers, please send a cheque for the value of meal square vouchers you require, made payable to SCRATCH to our office at: -

33 Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate
SO14 0SP 

If you require more information about this scheme, please contact the SCRATCH office on 023 8077 3132 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group are really grateful for the meal squares that have been donated to them.  The Asylum seekers who are not allowed to work and earn money find them invaluable to keep body and soul together.


Last Updated ( Monday, 04 December 2017 )