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Our Products

We sell a variety of dried fruits, vegetables and snack bars sourced from Tropical Wholefoods who sell on a fair trade basis. Some products are organically certified by the soil association and Ugandan produce is to be inspected in the near future so that it can also be certified as organic.  For more information about Tropical Wholefoods visit their web site:
Many schools now have a healthy eating policy where children are encouraged to bring in dried or fresh fruit as a snack.  Dried Pineapple, Mango or Banana Chips make a popular change!  We also stock a variety of Café direct Coffees, tea and cocoa, plus Orange juice as well as chocolate bars and other confectionary. 
As well as our retail range, we also stock catering sizes and can supply and deliver to your school, business or church in the Southampton area.
For a full list of products and prices download our order form.
Here are some of the dried fruit products we stock:-
All pineapples are sliced and sun dried by rural farmers in Uganda in solar driers designed by Tropical Wholefoods. They are a completely natural product, with no added sugars, fats or preservatives. Eaten on their own they make a healthy snack for all ages. 
The Ugandan Apple Banana is sun dried in over 50 villages in Uganda, by women's groups, co-operatives, and family groups.  
Banana and Honey; Mango and Brazil; Pineapple and Cashew are all 40g fruit and cereal bars. They contain honey which has been certified fairly traded and so the bars carry the fair trade mark.  They contain no added sugar or hydrogenated fats. 


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